I am really "torn" here... While usually outspoken on many things, the Ukraine has me a little hesitant about coming down on one side or the other. Part of my hesitancy is from not really knowing exactly what is going on and untrusting of the reported situation (I remember hearing WMD repeated and echoed until my ears felt like they were going to bleed). I am NOT professing to have the answers.

My first reaction is that it "galls" me to see Putin invade an adjacent country. A country that (I believe under the Clinton administration) brokered a deal to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for protection from nuclear war. If they still had nukes, this may never have happened (but that is pure speculation at this point). Also, I hate to see a democratic people, and professed ally, be invaded, structurally destroyed and killed by a Communist declared enemy of the United States. These feelings lead me to want to help.

On the other hand, I definitely am uncomfortable with uncontrolled funding (taxpayer) going over there, with no accounting, no control and no restrictions - in a deal brokered and supervised by the Biden regime. I didn't get a good feeling seeing him and his "people" parading over there. Who knows what kind of deal they came up with off camera? It would probably make Hunter's deal look like a "starter kit". Of course, to the Biden regime, no problem, just print more money and raise taxes - it fits in well in the plan to make us a global powerhouse like,,, maybe Argentina.

So? what? Get some 'control" of dedicated appropriations? Mabe...but - We have a government that is totally incapable of cutting down waste with social security checks, much less policing and controlling funds in a foreign country.

I am not a big fan of/or trust Cornyn or Lindsay Graham types and certainly not Romney, or many of the bureaucrats that are beating war drums. (I turned 18 in 1968 with the Vietnam "Police Action" they called it... in the seldom mentioned, biased "1969 draft lottery" my birthday number was five (5)!) However, I do have trust in the integrity and opinions of many of the conservatives who support our involvement.

But I can, without hesitation, adamantly state that I am against sending even ONE of our young soldiers over there under the control and command of the present doddering, incoherent, "Chief" and his "Keystone cop"acting, wimp, woke, military so-called-leadership he surrounds himself with. They couldn't decide whether or not to take down a balloon before taking some kind of "poll", for God's sake! They are afraid of their own shadow. I think they would have trouble deciding between fries or curly cues at the drive through. I hung my head in shame and grieved while listening to the testimony of the soldier missing an arm and leg from the indecision and outright malicious incompetence during the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco so Biden could have bragging rights to his base about meeting a "goal". We may have some good solid hard-nosed leadership in our military, but this administration doesn't have the gumption or nerve to find it.

Plus, from the image that our military has shown the world, allies and enemies, I am not sure that anyone in Ukraine would even want our military over there under our present command. The Ukrainians, from all reports have fought hard and valiantly for a year now with thousands of soldiers and innocent women and children killed and/or dislocated. I can't help but admire their tenacity and resolve.

So I guess I am leaning towards, yes, help them - but not with "funding" - I am for sending them weapons and tools to fight with. I wouldn't mind help build a missile to shoot at the Russian military!

The only undeniable, "best", definite solution, unfortunately will be reflected in history books... Unless, of course, the woke liberal crowd get to write it.

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When the War in Ukraine first started Biden said.......he(Putin) would only occupy a little piece of territory which is exactly what Putin did as though Biden himself talked to Putin to give him his blessing. Of course Zelensky balked. There are politics and there are tricks. This war is a regional strife in spite of the fact Putin has illusions of grandeur of the old Soviet Union. Nonetheless the murder of innocent civilians is uncalled for.

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Some in DC can't handle Dana questions...

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Dana, I think the good Senator is afraid of you.

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