While Joe "Hiden" Stumbles, Democrats Intensify Attack on ... Salon Owner

Kamala Harris disappeared this week

A huge email to wrap-up your week as we head into Labor Day. Barring breaking news, you’ll receive your next email from me on Tuesday morning.

Biden has a problem with plagiarism this week. First he copies Trump’s trip to Kenosha, then he copies Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill:

It’s true: Democrats zealously opposed Sen. Scott’s proposal.

Mark yourself safe

Listener Kelsey brings up a good point regarding Pelosi’s mask-less salon spree: “How did this woman get a security clearance if she can be ‘set up’ by a hair salon?”


Pelosi was thoroughly humiliated in public over her reckless indiscretion, so much so that every one of her surrogates are on the attack. The spin has shifted from “set up” to “sexism":

A man telling women (the salon owner is a woman and many of Pelosi’s critics are also women) that they’re sexist for criticizing Pelosi’s double standard is the epitome of “mansplaining.” It isn’t about Pelosi’s hair, it’s about her zealous support of lockdown and mask mandates as small business USA goes belly-up. It’s her intimation that business owners are murderers for daring to reopen so they can feed their families. It’s her suggestion that people who protest mask mandates care less about human life than the party of abortion. To reductively conflate this as simply over hair is insulting — and pathetic, further showing how much Democrats are rattled by Pelosi’s wanton elitism. Also — did Democrats think we all forgot about the fits they raised over Sarah Palin’s clothing and hairstyles?

The biggest takeaway here though is that Nancy Pelosi has proved beyond any doubt that in-person voting is perfectly OK if massless visits to salons are, too.

This week in “Joe Hiden”

-> Biden showing the pointlessness of facemarks upon landing in Wisconsin:

-> Biden speaking in Kenosha:

-> This cringeworthy quote while speaking at the Kenosha town hall:

-> Magically paid-for “mandatory rehabilitation”:

-> At this same Kenosha town hall attendees were given prewritten questions:

-> Biden earlier this week trying to call out Trump:

This week in awful or stupid headlines

-> Elizabeth Warren 2.0: Professor Jessica Krug admits she lied about being black: 'I cancel myself'

-> I can’t wait for them to explain how this would be enforced:


-> Karen assaults 12 year-old over Trump sign:

Police said the boy was riding his bicycle with the Trump sign when a woman on a moped saw the sign and turned around to confront the boy.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh said the suspect drove up to the boy and said something to the effect of “you want something to look at,” and used a closed fist to strike the boy in the back of the head and arms four to five times, and scratched him.

She tried going all Planned Parenthood on him.

-> I just about can’t handle this. I teared up. It’s the storefront of a pet store in Santa Monica:

From my friend Jason Howerton:

Headlines of note

-> Justice Department plans to file antitrust charges against Google within WEEKS  as AG Bill Barr sets a September deadline to finish the federal inquiry

-> 'She beat his ass and got fired': UFC boss Dana White hires security guard who was 'horribly' sacked for stopping shoplifter in Las Vegas

-> Discover Blocks Credit Card Donations To Christian Site Collecting For Alleged Teen Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

-> The number of Americans experiencing depression has tripled

-> Caving to Rioters, Louisville Removes Statue of the King Beheaded in the French Revolution

-> Now do rioters burning down Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, etc: Missouri man sentenced to five years in prison for trying to burn down a Planned Parenthood clinic

-> Vice picks a side and interviews a guy on the run for murder. Reminder: Rittenhouse was defending himself and he turned himself in to police.

-> One in nine Democrats bought a gun in the last three months

-> This is new: Nearly half of New Yorkers think NYC is headed in the wrong direction

-> Russia is ‘amplifying’ claims of mail-in voter fraud, intel bulletin warns

-> Numbers show lockdowns didn’t help contain COVID-19 — opening up didn’t boost it

-> Apparently the rioters have a camp in Portland and this is reportedly footage of it. If you’ve ever played “Borderlands” you know this is pretty much the live action version:

This week in “The Dana Show”

This Washington Post piece is just as I describe, terrorism. Using fear to achieve your political objective? Absolutely.

-> My discussion today with John Lott and everything coming down the road as it relates to gun control and the courts. If we lose the senate, we lose legislative filibuster. We discuss that here:

-> Why you can’t trust coronavirus testing numbers with Phil Kerpen:

-> Donald Trump Jr. blasts Biden earlier this week:

-> Youtube is suppressing my interview with Abby Johnson due to the pro-life discussion:

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