There won't be two Christmases in the event of a national divorce

This seems appropriate.

I am absolutely heartsick.

A 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force was shot and killed today inside of the Capitol. I saw riot video of cops punched in the face, windows broken, utter mayhem. I saw the look of betrayal on the faces of the peaceful protesters, who simply wanted to stand with their flags and loudly voice their opposition to the procedure inside Capitol Building. I saw what was once a beautiful big tent capable of changing the world utterly destroyed by accusations and violence. Today was one of the hardest broadcast days of my life. It was difficult to gather my thoughts as this overwhelming scene unfolded live in front of me, spread across all the monitors in my studio.

Two things:

1) I abhor violence as a substitute for legitimate and accessible alternative options. Period. Some say it was Antifa infiltration that started this, I’ve seen some bad information about some buffalo shaman guy shared but nothing concrete. If true, why did anyone have to follow them? Violence, be it for self defense or to water the tree of liberty, should only ever be the last and final resort. “The people calling for physical violence and bloodshed typically never saw any of it themselves and have no idea,” messaged a very dear friend of mine, a many-years retired special forces veteran. I believe in peace through strength and to have the tools and training for defense with the hope of never having to use them. It’s kind of like Dalton’s class on conflict resolution from the cinematic classic “Roadhouse.”

2) We are in this position not by choice, not because of transparency, or truth, but due to the absence of these things. People went to the capital to protest the lack of election transparency and certain states’s refusal to audit contested mail-in ballots with questionable legitimacy due to no signature verification or validation of date cast/mailed. When voters expressed concern about the unregulated free-for-all of mail-in ballots pushed by pandemic exploitation they were called murderers. When they asked to pause various certification processes in certain states so mail-in ballots could be verified, not just recounted, they were told that they were stealing an election. At every turn to get answers they were rebuffed — just as they were during the tea party days. When people feel deprived of the only tool they have to engage their government, something like this becomes tragically inevitable.

Sadly, of the states with contested results, most were Republican. Republican states with Republican legislatures, Republican Governors, and Republican Secretaries of State. All of the people overseeing the elections were Republicans in most of these ballot battles and most of these Republicans didn’t put up a strong enough fight against incessant Democrat litigation designed to implement unaccountable and unprecedented mail-in voting.

To state without endorsing, for one day congress got to see what cities across America have put up with for months:

This is just from the past year. I’m not even going back to Wisconsin when the left tore up the state capitol building; I was in the parking lot and saw them beat Kenneth Gladney. There is a rich, storied history of leftist violence from the past decade and longer.

The difference between today and the countless examples of leftist violence? Republicans and people consistent on opposing violence as a sole or first solution immediately separated those peaceful from those violent and denounced the violence and immediately offered a plethora of alternative options. Democrats? Ignored the violence and destruction when they weren’t constantly defending it:

Just because I don’t accept that violence isn’t the only option to solve our problems doesn’t mean I don't want to aggressively solve them and work hard to that end. Additionally, I reject the nastiness shown by some folks today over my refusal to write a check for a civil war with my mouth while expecting everyone’s kids to cash it with their lives. I explained to one of my kids today why I am not even remotely considering that as an option: I haven’t exhausted every other option to restore election integrity through other means. Not even close. Because I know what the outcome to violence is and the irrevocable division that it will create. Because I am the master of my reactions and do not allow the left or those I politically or ideologically oppose prescribe for me certain responses. Because if God forbid I am ever prevailed upon to call upon my training and open my liberty vault to engage there will be no going back, it will be a choice pursued until the end with no mercy, no quarter, no foolishness suffered and I never want to have to go there in my mind or in my heart unless there is no other recourse. I pray most genuinely for that to never happen. To quote Aragorn: “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.”

Despite our problems, our republic is still the last great hope of the world. We are resilient. We can show the world that we are not like a third world country that fights every time there is a transfer of power. We can show how engaged we made ourselves through our Constitution by bringing down the thunder in each of our respective states and fighting mail-in ballots and restoring protections for votes and election integrity to our system. As Americans, we have fought larger battles and we can fight this one, too. It will take time and a lot of unglamorous, thankless, yeoman’s work that a grateful country desperately needs.

This was at the D.C. Capitol, all our House today:

How is it that people were able to that quickly gain access inside? Where was the security?

Don’t let the media focus so much on this that you take your eye off the ball of election reform. Please hear me: this is what they want. Do not take their bait. Raise rhetorical hell in your state capitals until you see bills on photo ID, ending mail-in ballots, and voting security signed by your governors. Keep me apprised of your every effort. What’s the point of this platform if not to aid in this cause?

I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

P.S. Thank you to those of you who share your gift of encouragement. I am grateful for you.