The Left's Many January 6ths

A compendium: The left trying to hold January 6th as relative to the year(s) of lawless violence and destruction is the original “whataboutism.”

The left loves police again — when they aren’t trying to defund them, paint the lot of them with the actions of the few, or accuse them all of being racist bigots. Their temporary appreciation was on display today for the first hearing on the January 6th riot wherein four officers described how they were treated like how Antifa and BLM usually treat cops at their riots and Adam Kinzinger used his airtime to audition for MSNBC.

It’s not enough to say that the violent rioters who broke away from the peaceful January 6th assembly should face charges for property damages or assault — you are required to accept without question the Democrat narrative that the break-away riot was an insurrection or you’re classified as a supporter of insurrections and a hater of law enforcement.

We are to believe that an unarmed troupe of “gravy seals” and a buffalo cosplayer living out “Red Dawn” fantasies and taking selfies in the chamber almost commandeered our nuclear subs and overthrew our government.

The fellow in question cried while in jail and went on a hunger strike not for rights or election integrity, but because the jail didn’t have an organic option in its meal plan. His mother said that he will “literally will get physically sick” without organic food. You are supposed to believe that this brain trust was going to commandeer our republic.

Republicans should’ve held a press conferences and invited as speakers all of the the police officers from across the country who were forced to deal with with violent rioters that burned down city blocks, attacked federal buildings, and beat people in the streets for the past several years. They didn’t, because they’re wholly incompetent when it comes to messaging.

I and others have said more to condemn the violence perpetrated by those who broke away from the peaceful people on January 6th than the left has ever done regarding the YEAR LONG assaults, murders, and attacks by their violent fellow ideologues. We are consistent when we say violence isn’t a protected form of speech. The violent left is not.

Democrats trying to hold January 6th as relative to the year(s) of lawless violence and destruction is the original “whataboutism.”

Remember when Democrats labeled these leftists at the White House as “insurrectionists?” Me neither:

I’m glad that Democrats are demonstrating at lease some concern for those who wear the badge, even if it is just for the purpose of this political opera. Nothing from Democrats on the murder of retired police captain David Dorn, though? Dorn provided security for his friend’s store, Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry, and would check on the store whenever the burglar alarm sounded. He was doing so on the night of June 2nd, 2020, when riots, arson, and violence engulfed St. Louis City in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Dorn was shot in the stomach by looters and while he laid on the sidewalk bleeding out, only one person stayed with him pleading for him to hang on and screaming at rioters, telling them “that’s somebody’s grandaddy, over some TVs?!”

The left didn’t scream “SAY HIS NAME!” for Capt. Dorn. There was no moment of silence for him. There was no silence for the other officers killed or severely injured that same night at riots elsewhere in the country.

I don’t recall Democrats showing any concern for these officers:

Or these officers:

No concern for police officers shot or hit by cars during riots, either.

No concern for this officer that Antifa tried to kill in Seattle:

No concern for the 150 law enforcement officers injured during one weekend of D.C. riots:

BARR: Well, the message is sometimes communicated by the media. I didn't see any video being played on the media of what was happening Friday, Saturday and Sunday--

MARGARET BRENNAN: But- but this confluence of events--

BARR: All I heard- all I heard was comments about how peaceful protesters were. I didn't hear about the fact that there were 150 law enforcement officers injured and many taken to the hospital with concussions. So it wasn't a peaceful protest. We had to get control over Lafayette Park, and we had to do it as soon as we were able to do that. 

None for these officers:

Antifa attacked a U.S. Marshal with a hammer at this Portland riot:

This officer was punched by a rioter:

Antifa racially slurs a black Portland police officer:

Here, too:

More racial abuse of black officers by Antifa:

Still more racial abuse of police:

More racial slurs of police from white Antifa:

White BLM rioter slurs yet another black officer:

More Antifa racism:

This Karen screamed at a black female police officer who was not having it. Kudos to that officer.

This black officer put this whiny white protestor in her place:

Remember this?

Remember these leftist lawyers arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at police?

This peaceful protestor was attacked by Antifa:

This person and their dog were attacked by Antifa:

Rioters almost murdered a child after they set fire to a Richmond home with a child inside and blocked first responders from getting to the residence. The police chief broke down when talking about it at the next day’s press conference:

What about these leftists that set fire to the church right by the White House?

Did Democrats have a word to spare for veterans after the World War II memorial was vandalized during “protests?”

Democrats raised money for violent rioters jailed for their destructive crimes but not a dime was raised by the left to help businesses — particularly the mom and pop businesses in minority communities (Rosas’s full thread is here).

Who could forget the “peaceful protests” that caused some mayors to evacuate their homes completely for temporary residences after rioters showed up outside their homes.

But January 6th was at a federal building” hiss leftists that forget about this federal building:

Of course there is video (not all are same occasion or city):


Wait, they’re not done:

They forgot about this federal building, too: remember when the Sunrise Movement stormed Nancy Pelosi’s office? Neither do Democrats, apparently (even when some of them took part).

Remember when violent, leftist rioters attacked a Ronald McDonald House? The families and sick children staying there do.

This man was pulled from his truck and beaten by rioters:

He had stopped to help a person who said they were robbed.

These elderly women were attacked by rioters for trying to stop a mob from attacking a police precinct:

They mocked this elderly women who tried to put out a fire with her little extinguisher:

Remember when rioters threatened a woman who was simply eating dinner because she wouldn’t raise a fist in “solidarity?”

What about these rioters beating a woman with 2x4s as she tried to protect her business:

This elderly man’s Kenosha business was set on fire by rioters over Jacob Blake and they viciously attacked him as he tried to put it out:

Rioters attacked a Columbus, Ohio man with cerebral palsy when he stopped for protestors (never stop):

Heavily armed Antifa and BLM members stopped traffic to intimidate and assault drivers in Portland:

This also happened in Indianapolis. Remember when armed Antifa members violently took over a hotel?

A teenager lost his life at the lawless CHAZ/CHOP zone:

The closest Democrats got to condemning any of this violence was to say that it didn’t exist and was just a myth”:

or claim that the protests were “mostly peaceful,” a buzzphrase still repeated today:

“Mostly a protest …”

Except that the BLM/Antifa riots were anything but “peaceful protests,” according to a study from Princeton:

The George Floyd riots are said to have cost 66 times more than the Capitol riot.

You can simultaneously condemn the acts of violence perpetrated by those who broke away from the peaceful gathering on January 6th and also with full confidence state that Democrats are hyping up that afternoon as a way to absolve themselves of the years of leftist violence that they not only encourage, but promote bail funds for, and use as a GOTV mechanism. Democrats have zero moral authority or consistency here.

When they and the left at large acknowledge the violence of their fellow ideologues in their left-run cities, when the media can stop lionizing, defending, ignoring (and more ignoring), the violence, stop blaming Trump for the attacks on the journalists covering the riots, when Big Tech can stop enabling the violence of the left, when the entirety of the left can match just one percent of the consistency we’ve had towards violence as protest, then can they speak on January 6th. Unfortunately, without their doing to, we are left to assume they don’t know actual violence when they see it, thus their silence, and because of this, their remarks are without legitimacy.