Media: MAGA Hats are Racist but Hammer and Sickle Ushankas from Russia "Need Context"

Media Defends Biden's new press secretary

Joe Biden’s pick for press secretary, Jen Psaki, was pictured in a ushanka alongside Russia’s communist Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov during her time as spokesperson for the State Department in 2014.

USA Today felt that the mere existence of this needed a "fact check,” except they didn’t actually “check” anything:

Our ruling: Missing context

Jen Psaki, recently named White House press secretary for President-elect Joe Biden, is seen in a 2014 photo posing with the Russian foreign minister and his spokesperson, along with then-Secretary of State John Kerry. She is wearing a pink hat with a hammer and sickle emblem, which was a gift from the Russians that she returned. At the time, Psaki was spokesperson for the U.S. State Department. The image is real, but claims that the hat was anything more a gift or that Psaki was with Russian officials in any capacity beyond her official role are MISSING CONTEXT.

There was no claim made about the photo beyond describing exactly what the photo showed. Unless USA Today means to dispute that Jen Psaki is pictured, which they admit she is, or the she isn’t wearing a hat with what appears to be a hammer and sickle on the front, which they aren’t, this isn’t a “check” on anything.

This is the same legacy press that repeatedly declared that MAGA hats were racist symbols during a time when people were attacked in public for wearing them (I have an entire chapter about this in my third book).

The Fourth Estate never extended such a courtesy of “context” to anyone on the “right” or “right-ish” — oh how well I know this! — and even so, there is no context to add to the tweet. Suddenly legacy press values context? The same media insisted that President Trump’s foreign policy advisor, Carter Page, was a Russian agent until they were forced to eat their hats when it was revealed that Page was not a Russian agent but an “operational contact” with the C.I.A. against Russians?

Carter Page received no such “context.” The FBI didn’t provide it when misrepresenting him to FISA judges, noted a DOJ report. The truth didn’t make the rounds as the lies before it did. No “fact checks” at the time. Context? Trump has received no courtesies of “context” from most of the Fourth Estate concerning accusations that he characterized bigots at the Charlottesville protests as “very fine people.”

“It lacks context” is the new spin from the legacy press in their role as Democrat advocates. They tried it already this fall when the Hunter Biden story broke, swiftly shielding Joe Biden’s 50-something year-old child by insisting on “context.” Our tax dollars even paid for it. They tried it again with Joe Biden’s “racial jungle” remark.

Clearly, the Fourth Estate feels that “context” is situationally important.

I wonder if CNN will use this as James O’Keefe begins his leaked-tapes-advent calendar?


The network that released secret recordings of the First Lady went to cry to the law enforcement over O’Keefe’s recordings.

James O’Keefe joins me tomorrow on my radio program during the first hour. Kurt Schlichter joins me in my third hour.

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