Democrats's Marxist Grab for Property Rights

The CDC can't recommend closing the border entirely but it can regulate your property agreements?

Democrats this evening extended the eviction moratorium specifically for renters because apparently the Centers for Disease Control is also about property control, too:

This isn’t a “law.” This is an unconstitutional, regulatory grab of intrastate commerce. My friend Andy McCarthy discussed this today on my radio program.

The CDC is not a legislative body. It has zero authority to make or power to enforce any compliance at all whatsoever with this garbage edict. Biden at first correctly acknowledged that he had no power to do this but went back on that because all of his decisions are made by the new party base, people like AOC. Biden is nothing more than the hood ornament of the administration at this point, he’s there to give a stamp of legitimacy to the new squad as part of the old guard that made today’s Marxist Democrat party possible.

Notice how Democrats were careful to omit mortgage payments and property taxes from their not-a-law eviction moratorium. If they really cared about evictions they wouldn’t set up landlords to default on their mortgage payments or miss property taxes because they’re forced to pay for not one but two households.

That isn’t generosity or caring on the part of the left. The wealthy (despite never working in the private sector) Nancy Pelosis, Chuck Schumer of congress aren’t writing checks for these people’s rent, though they and their fellow Democrats worked the hardest and were the loudest in preventing these renters from paying their bills by shutting down the economy — they’re making the property owners cover the cost while sitting on the billions of taxpayer dollars they allocated to pay for this entire scheme. Only 12% of the $25 billion has actually made it to renters in need.

It’s a Marxist grab for private property rights, period.

Accordingly, subject to the1 limitations under “Applicability,” a landlord, owner of a residential property, or other person with a legal right to pursue eviction or possessory action, shall not evict any covered person from any residential property in any county or U.S. territory while the county or territory is experiencing substantial or high levels of community transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

I do not trust a bureaucratic agency — the same agency that disregarded the nuance of a cycle threshold score when compiling cases thus inflating positive cases, the same agency that was recently fact-checked by the Wall Street Journal and Johns Hopkins because this agency failed to vet the claimed cases of virus fatality rate of children (the real rate was zero) — to determine what is or is not acceptable transmission levels.

All of the people who accused Trump of being a tyrant now actually have one on their hands — and are silent about it. Tyranny is OK so long as it originates from the party with whom you’re registered to vote.

How does the CDC plan to enforce this illegality? Will the taxpayer-funded renters’s aid ever be distributed?

From McCarthy:

The Biden administration and congressional Democrats have known for months that the moratorium was illegal, yet they pressed ahead, figuring they could demagogue as heartless anyone who dared call for its elimination. There was no reason to believe they were going to use the time Kavanaugh naïvely gave them to address the problem, since they have always been heedless of the damage the moratorium was doing to average people — after all, struggling landlords are evil, property-hoarding capitalists, don’tcha know, who could not conceivably be seen as average people, right?

Republican governors and lawmakers of every state better vociferously push back on this unconstitutional property grab.

The CDC can’t recommend closing the border (they suggest “limiting”) until proper testing protocol can be established but they believe they can regulate your property agreements.